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Property Conveyancing in Brisbane Using the Legal Elements

Legal Elements is a trusted and highly experienced Brisbane Law Firm. What they do best is provide understandable and applied legal advice by lawyers. It doesn’t matter if you are purchasing a home or selling your home or investment property, this firm can help. If you perhaps need a will or have a small business and are looking for advice, this is the law firm that can assist you.

Practice areas

The main practice areas of Brisbane Law Firm are:

  • Property conveyance – Real estate both investment and residential
  • Medium to small business – Buying and selling, leasing, management of assets
  • Estates and wills –administration and probate

Related areas

They also handle related areas including:

  • Self-managing super funds
  • Mortgages
  • Body Corporate
  • Title transactions and duties

Fixed fees

They have a firm belief in having fixed fees so there aren’t any surprises and often they do not charge for any professional fees on a conveyance that has failed or terminated.

They prefer to continue to build their relationships with their clients on property conveyancing Brisbane. This is because they know that the client will bring the next property transaction back to this firm and they know that selling or buying a property has many transitions prior to completion. They want the clients to continue to use them.


Real estate and buying or selling property is complex as well as involving around 20 various bits of legislation both Federal and State. The ‘Property Occupations Act’ or POA came into effect in late 2014 to update and address various issues in prior legislation – in other words because of all the legislation real estate law can be complex.

Legal matters often confusing

Legal matters are often quite confusing and results can affect deeply the life of the person involved. So, it is important that their clients have a clear understanding of what is going on, what are the options for their clients so that the best decision can be made.

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