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What Questions You Must Ask While Hiring Any Defense Attorney

Before you hire a criminal lawyer Long Island it is essential that you judge his potential by asking the following few questions.

1. How long are you practicing criminal law?

It is very risky to allow an inexperienced person to handle your case who has hardly practiced in criminal law procedure. Generally, after spending about 10 years any lawyer gets maturity in this profession. Therefore, hire only a lawyer who has at least 10 years of work experience.

2. How many jury trials have you engaged in?

It is advisable to hire a lawyer, who is well versed in trial process and not afraid to argue any case in the court. Some lawyers in spite of having several years’ experience are not very confident to argue in a court.

3. Are you certified law specialist in the field of crime?

This question must surely be asked to any lawyer you come across and never depend on such lawyer who is not a certified professional.

4. How much time have you devoted in criminal law cases?

Do not hire a lawyer who fights criminal cases occasionally. In such case, he is not specialist in the criminal law and may not be relied upon much.

5. Will you fight my case or ask your junior to fight the case?

Many experienced lawyers are engaged with their client. However, after taking the case he assigns his junior to do the necessary work. You cannot risk your case and hence take full assurance that your case will be fought by the senior lawyer.

6. Hire a local attorney?

It is always better to hire a local lawyer instead of hiring a reputed lawyer from outside. Local lawyers are familiar with judges and various other local executives and hence your case will move faster.

7. Can you make any definite promise about the outcome of my case?

Though no lawyer will give you any guarantee however an experienced lawyer can easily predict the possible outcome of any case.

8. How much will you charge?

Last but not the least you must enquire about the service charges of the lawyer so that there can be agreement about the price.

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